Anouk meets Zarautz Surf Village

Stop - whatever you are doing right now can wait, because I have the ultimate 2019 travel tip for you guys: Zarautz Surf Village. It's the perfect combination between sports - rest - party - food and even fashion. Let me take you with me on a visual diary of my week in the Basque Country.

After a (long but comfortable) bustrip to Zarautz, we (Evelien and I) were welcomed by the crew and got an introduction to what was going to happen during the week. We installed ourselves in our beautiful tipi's and headed down to the beach to make sure that we could return home well rested and more importantly: tanned. We chose a Deluxe tipi but you can also go for the option to share a tent, a tipi or just camp in (with your own tent).

The walk down, truly is a sight for sore eyes. The most beautiful nature and an amazing view on the ocean, one that makes you wanna jump right in - or at least, when you are down. At the end of the day, the trip gets a bit harder since you have to go up but we knew we had a big reward waiting for us: the food. The crew is really dedicated in foreseeing a lovely meal every day. The breakfast always have a special like champagne or a smoothie and the dinners are always on point - my favourites were the BBQ and the txuleta evening! For lunch, you can head into the city or just stay around the beach and try the different sandwiches and acai bowl at Shelter Bar, a bar owned by surfer Aritz Aranburu. 

Besides the food, we've spent our days surfing (or at least trying to), doing yoga and resting at the beach to catch up on our books and tans. Zarautz surf village foresees surflessons, surfboards and yoga lessons at the camp.

On Thursday, the entire group goes out in San Sebastian, so we decided to go ahead and do some shopping and try some of the famous pintxos. Every Thursday, they host a student night in San Sebastian, and when you order a drink, you get a free pintxo (tapa) with it. No need to say that this evening was a big success.

I want to give a big shout out to the crew for making sure we had the best holiday ever! See you next year Zarautz Surf Village!

Ph by Dronekoning and me.

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Anouk meets Zarautz Surf Village

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