Crew member Fien's secret diary (Pt. 1)

16 September 2018

How do you deal with living on a surfcamp for three months of the year? What people mean with this question is mostly; how do you deal with the constant noise and vibrance of people around you? Well, we (the crew) definitely feed of that energy of our guests, but it are those quiet moments in the morning when the whole camp is still sleeping that I feel the potential adventures of the day. 

The excitement of what is about to come and to happen in the next 24 hours. My favourite moments are those early bird yoga sessions when guests walk into the class with slow movements, a soft voice and puffy eyes. As the class is going on, we hear the camp and the birds waking up. We hear the waves rolling in and feel the ocean breeze cooling down our sunkissed skin and burning muscles. 

In these moments we are ready to run down 443 stairs, to beat the beach tennis record of 365 hits, to drop in just 1 time with a skateboard, to catch at least two right waves and to eat 2 pinxtos. Maybe 3 pinxtos.

Crew member Fien's secret diary (Pt. 1)

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