Crew member Fien's secret diary (Pt. 2)

18 September 2018

There is only one reason why seasonal workers choose to live this lifestyle of living where you work for little money. That one reason is: passion. 

We are here to share our love for surfing and the outdoors. Zarautz Surf Village luckily seems to attract some passionate guests as well. It's easy to pick them out of the crowd, because they can not not talk about what they live for, because it is braided through their life and mostly their passion is the reason for everything they do. 

This week the band Manouvres with frontman Sean Dhondt is staying with us and playing a gig this evening. We got the chance to get to know them in the first few days and I can tell you they are a really fun bunch with a very laid back attitude and loads of energy to get involved with everything. 

This morning the band took a long breakfast with four coffee refills and talked about the party of last night after the battle of the sexes on witch they participated . After that breakfast that turned into a brunch they all took their instruments out and started prepping for tonight. They all isolated themselfs to get into their zone while playing their favourite numbers and exercising the most challenging parts. 

When they finally got together for the soundcheck it quickly turned into a fun repetition with the band. Manoeuvres is ready, the tech guys are ready...time to hit the crowd with some rock'n'roll!

Stay tuned for the concert's full report...Coming soon!!

Crew member Fien's secret diary (Pt. 2)

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