Crew member Fien's secret diary (Pt. 3)

19 September 2018

Sunglasses and smiles alert at breakfast this morning. The phones are brought out,  stories are being shared and memories become treasures. The party crowd is reliving the performance from the band Manoeuvres and the afterparty filled with glitter and new friends. 

Slowly all the stories fall into place like a big puzzle. Who was where at which moment doing what. "I didn't know about you, but I heard that he..." and "did you know where I was then?" A lot of laughters slowly wake up the whole camp. 

The party starters from Manoeuvres are giving their instruments a rest today and are giving surfing another try. Sharing passions is probably one of the best vibe transactions you can do. We showed them how to surf and we got an amazing performance back instead. 

Sharing passions is sharing moments... and last night -although the memories are fade- is definitely one of those moments to remember for a long time.

Crew member Fien's secret diary (Pt. 3)

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