Daily life in Zarautz

Nothing better than waking up in your fancy Tipi or a luxury tent and walking straight to the breakfast buffet waiting for you at our bar. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but what after? Well, why not head to the beach for a nice surf session, go explore the beautiful city of Zarautz or just stay at the camp and refine your skating abilities on our mini-ramp!

But maybe you want to do something else? Why not head to our cliff-jumping spot, or get people together for a pick-up game of beach football.

In the evenings we all get together for dinner and enjoy some of the culinary creations by our fantastic crew. Paella, wine and cheese, BBQ... We got something for everyone's tastebuds. Vegetarians do not need to worry either. Our crew is happy to create tasty dishes for everyone's dietary needs!

After dinner it's time to do something, no time for after-dinner-dips. School of surf, battle of the sexes. We will make sure there is something to do every evening!

If you are interested in more detail on what a week looks like at our camp, our visual creator Daan Verstrepen filmed and edited this video of a week in Zarautz Surf Village. Find it right here!

So do not wait too long and reserve your place now in our little slice of paradise!

Daily life in Zarautz

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