Dance the night away

24 April 2019

Our resort is located close to many different touristic sceneries like: Pagoeta national park, San Juan de Gazteluggatxe and playa Itzurun  (also known as Dragonstone from HBO hit serie Game Of Thrones), Bilbao and so much more. But one of our favorite places to visit is San Sebastian.

San Sebastian, or Donostia, as the locals call it, is a vibrant city , just 15 minutes from Zarautz that charmes everybody who goes there. You can stroll around on the nice boardwalk, filled with palmtrees, you can go shopping in the new part of town, go for a surf or just enjoy all the delicious food and drinks in the old town.

Because Donostia is so close to Zarautz, we visit it every week (and we just can’t get enough). We start out with a shopping spree and slowly move our way up to the old town where we start stuffing ourselves with all of the best food in the world and some lovely refreshing drinks.

After we had some delicious treats and the sun has started to set, we slowly move to a nice little bar called ‘Burunda’ where we start to dance the night away. Here you can enjoy some nice cocktails at custom prices. After a couple of drinks we walk back down the boulevard and make our way to ‘La terraza’.

This lounge bar has a magnificent view over the bay of ‘playa the la concha’ that you can enjoy with a complimentary drink and some relaxing summer beats. 

When you finished your drink and feel like dancing some more you can always go down to the ‘Bataplan’ which is located just below ‘La terraza’. This is a great club, where some of the world’s most famous DJ’s have performed. They stay open until the sun rises again so if your planning on pulling an all-nighter. Better put on those dancing shoes and enjoy. 

So if you would like to see this beautiful city, let us show you around town and

Dance the night away

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