Food heaven!

28 January 2019

The Basque country is home to many great things. Fantastic surf, great people, beautiful nature and last but not least, delicious restaurants.

Cooking -or food in general- is a big part of the basque culture. If you look beyond the typical touristic boardwalk diners you'll find nice bars filled with stunning pintxos (tapas), and refreshing drinks. 

Basque cuisine is one if the most basic types of cooking in the world. The thing that makes it's so delicious are these beautiful fresh ingredients like huge, juicy tomatoes, giant fishes that go straight from the ocean to your plate and steaks from cows (or bulls) who have had a calm and peaceful life full of the best food they can possibly get.

Sounds amazing, right?! Well consider yourself lucky. In the Basque country they have something called 'sagardotegia' which litterally means 'cider house'. These places serve you all the best that the Basque country has to offer: a nice mixed salad entree, followed by some delicious grilled crayfish. After these great starters you get a beautifully grilled 'txuleta' (big Basque t-bone steak). Seared on the outside, red on the inside with a nice touch of garlic and some sea salt to make you have a real foodgasm! 

To wash all of these delicious treats down, these places have barrels filled with apple cider that they call 'txotx' (txotx is actually the name for the whole process of pouring the drink into your glass, toasting and drinking it). It's some what different from the apple cider you might know, it's a local speciality that is slightly more acidic and dryer. You just grab your glass go to one of the barrels and open the tap!  

At ZSV we want you to experience the Basque country at it it's finest. So every week we offer you guys this entire menu so that you can really taste what the Basques are all about. 


Food heaven!

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