Leire Garmendia and 'Glassy'

1 August 2018

Last Tuesday we had the chance to be part of the premiere of Glassy. A documentary and final project of audiovisual communication and and journalism student Leire Garmendia. In the documentary, Leire digs in to the stigmas and obstacles the female surfers face almost on a daily basis, as well as the unprofessionalism and unfairness in the professional scene of female surfing. During the documentary, Leire also brings a few of very talented local surfers in to the spotlight to talk about how the scene is evolving in the Basque country, especially in Zarautz. The surfers vary from older generations with years of experience in the competition scene to younger shredders who are starting their higher level surfing journey. The women who appear in the documentary are: Garazi Sánchez, Ainara Aymat, Nadia Erostarbe, Janire González-Etxabarri, June Erostarbe, Sonia Ziani and Anette González-Etxabarri.

For this blog I had the chance to ask a few questions about the whole project to Leire and what her plans were going to be for the future. So without further ado, I present to you Leire Garmendia and her project ‘’Glassy’’

Interview is translated from Spanish “

Hi Leire, to begin, could you introduce yourself a bit?

Yes! I am Leire Garmendia, I am from Zarautz and I am 23 years. After studying 5 years in Madrid for my double degree of audiovisual communication and journalism and also working in the fashion world, y decided to come back to the Basque Country and get back fully in to the surfing world. I love surfing and as for my work as a filmer, making videos about surf related things is really something I love. Especially about female surfing.

And how come you came to the decision of that being your main theme?

I chose this theme because I love surfing and I have a special passion about everything that has something to do with equality among genders. In addition, with my final project for the university, I wanted to make my own contribution to the society and not just make something to get my degree and then forget about it. That is how ‘Glassy’ came to be.

And what is ‘Glassy’?

‘Glassy’ is a surf film-documentary which analyses the current situation of female sports through the example of female surfing in the Basque Country and it shows real women, strong and with their own dreams and objectives. This project’s main purpose is to motivate future generations and to inform and show the reality of the obstacles which women face in sports in general.

The real women who appear in the film are: Garazi Sánchez, Ainara Aymat, Nadia Erostarbe, Janire González-Etxabarri, June Erostarbe, Sonia Ziani and Anette González-Etxabarri.

Yes, we came with the camp to see the premiere in the Shelter (A bar in Zarautz), and a lot of the issues you brought up in the movie were something we had never heard about, but personally the same night I took my phone and read some of the articles about unequal prizes between men and women’s competitions and was surprised how often it had happened. How do you see the scene of female surfing right now in general?

I see the scene improving slowly, but there is still a lot to do to achieve the equality we are striving for. The girls are taking it very seriously and are doing a lot of work to get to the top and I hope that there won’t be many obstacles there to stop them from achieving their objectives.

Very well said! In the end it’s not about if you are a man or a woman, once you are in the water you are a surfer and that’s what matters. 


So, what are your plans now for ‘Glassy’?

My plans now are to try to get the documentary to reach as many people as possible and once I have finished the first phase of diffusion of the film to people, I will keep working for gender equality and in the female surf scene in my own way. In the end what I like to do is to make videos of surfing showing the girl power we have and empower these women who have dreams and objectives.

Thank you very much Leire and we are really looking forward to hearing of you in the future! You will be able to watch Leire’s movie ‘Glassy’ in October on glassythefilm.com and leiregarmendia.com! A unique opportunity to learn about local surfing in Zarautz as well as sharpening your Spanish vocabulary!

Leire Garmendia and 'Glassy'

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