Meet the team: Eerik de Ory Leiponen

7 June 2018

We have arrived to the end, all of the members of the Zarautz Surf Village team have been introduced , except for myself. Of course it would be strange to interview myself (kind of like high-fiving yourself), so I decided to just make a small meet the team story of my life because that’s what all the cool kids are doing now a days.

So, my name is Eerik and I was born in the capital of Finland, Helsinki to a bilingual family of a Finnish mother and a Spanish father. Ever since I was young I was drawn to board sports, I always found them so interesting. No pressure, no stress to perform. You just do what you want, when you want and always find new friends when doing it! I started skateboarding when I was 12-13 and haven’t stopped since! I love it. Naturally, snowboarding followed not far behind, unfortunate for my grandad who wanted to train me to become a professional slalom skier. Oh well...

I have lived in a few places, but I moved to Brussels when I was 7, and went to school there until I graduated from high school, 11 years later. I had some good times in Brussels but never was a fan of the place, however, on my last years I started going out in the student city of Leuven and I loved it. I love the city and decided to move here to study Marketing and Business Management, a course I graduated from 4 years later. 

But what about surfing? Well to be honest, it kinda happened on the way. After graduating from high school 6 years ago, I was looking for something to do during the summer, my good friends told me to come work with them to a Belgian surf camp. I applied and got in. I was placed in to Moliets, France for the whole season and from there it started. However, I didn’t properly surf until 3 years later. Moliets is not an easy place to learn and it seemed that the days that I tried to paddle out it was a tsunami after tsunami. No thanks, I rather spent my days at the camp playing beach games  and partying in the evenings. 

Two years later I was put in to Zarautz, there the surfing interest started growing. The waves in Zarautz were perfect for me, small and easy to learn and so year by year I started heading in to the water more and more. I really can’t wait to go back in to the water this summer again. I have been dreaming of it for the whole winter! If you are interested in more detail about my first wave, I wrote a blog about it and you can find it here!

After being in Zarautz for 5 summers with the 6th one coming, I couldn’t think of a better place to spend my summer than there. My non-native home, the city I adore. If you are interested in why? Take a look here! After many years at my old company, to which I am incredibly grateful for all the chances I got and the good times I had, I felt like I needed a new challenge and the opportunity presented itself, Zarautz Surf Village. A completely new FULLY INTERNATIONAL concept. I was in love with the idea and wanted to be a part of it.

In addition, to helping the camp leader Rosie leading the camp, I will be responsible with the external communications, organising outside activities and being a general communication point for all things within the camp and outside. I should just stamp info desk on my forehead. In addition to English, you can approach me in Finnish, Spanish, French and maybe Dutch if you speak slowly and clearly! Unfortunately my Swedish skills have deteriorated heavily during the years so do so at your own risk!

So this is me, I am really looking forward to meeting all of you, enjoying the easy surf sessions and drinking a few in good company! We can talk about board sports, languages, bad puns, unique hats and puppies! 

Oh, and before I forget, my one song to listen for the rest of my life is 'Black' by Pearl Jam. The whole album ‘Ten’ has been my album since I was a young lad in my moms car mixed with 'Vapen & Ammunition' by Kent (Shoutout to my mom)

If you are interested, you can follow my adventures through my Instagram: dekkulii

Meet the team: Eerik de Ory Leiponen

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