Meet the team: Fien Vervacke

30 April 2018

I met Fien throughout the summer last year while I was working at another camp because the two camps often went out to party in the same bars. You can recognise her from her constant stokeness and just always smiling and being happy. Her good vibes are infectious too so don't get too close or you will end up laughing so much your stomach will hurt.

So Fien, tell us a bit about yourself

Hay! My name is Fien and after studying art for years, I decided to do nothing with that at all and started searching for a more creative, basic, active and fun lifestyle. I’ve found that in seasonal work: Zarautz in the summer and the alps in the winter, and I love to travel the world between summers and winters.

Oh lovely! And where do you like to travel the most?

The south-east speaks most to me at the moment because it is so simple and cheap to travel around there. But anything that is different from what I know can seduce me to discover and explore its grounds. I’m not going to lie, if the country has surf or snowboard possibilities the choice is often quickly made. Last year I went to India on my own and I definitely want to go back there to see more of this ridiculously big country full of contradictions, but I definitely need a travel partner when I go back there to share the moments with.

So you really like board sports to be willing to travel for them. What makes them unique to you?

I like the fact that it isn’t a performance sport. It is way more about personal expression, style, having fun and being social instead of the crazy tricks you can throw around. Also the whole lifestyle that comes with board sports speaks to me, the long learning time, the changing conditions and being outdoors.

And how did you end up in Zarautz?

I went on a BoardX camp two times in Berria and decided that I wanted to join the team as a social host, I did my internship in Zarautz and immediately fell in love with this little city, its waves and ambiance. After working there two seasons as a crew member, I decided to go for my ISA.

So now this year you are a yoga instructor as well as the second surf coach, do you like teaching and why?

I love sharing my passions with people and inspire them to be active and spend time outside. It’s my goal to let them have fun in their first lessons even if they fall of the board all the time and struggle with paddling. If you are bitten by the little surf and yoga microbe in your first lessons, it will last with you forever and you will enjoy your life much more through the fun and passion for surfing.

Alright Fien, time for the bonus questions. First my all time favourite question: One song to listen to for the rest of your life?

‘Walk on the wild side’ by Lou Reed. It’s a very chilled song and talks about the love of being a bit lost.

Would you rather become the best in the world in one thing only or learn something new every day?

I have so many interests, I couldn’t choose in what to be good at, so I would love to learn something new every day. Actually I love studying and learning new things. I love it when people are exceptionally good in one thing or when they know everything about a certain subject, but I get bored really quickly, I need some variation in my life.

Very well said! And now the last one. Best surf sessions of your life alone, or fun sessions with your friends?

I am still learning so much so I feel like a lot of the time I have my best session ever. I actually don’t think I will feel like it was the best session of my life if I was on my own because there is nobody around to rave about it. The amount of fun foam board (soft-top) sessions I had in Zarautz makes me go for fun sessions with friends.

And what is your key to life?

Happiness. When I was in India, I studied quite a bit about this subject and discovered how expectations and happiness are related. So I tried to lower my expectations towards a lot of aspects in life and when you do that the world can be very surprising and amazing place.

Thank you very much Fien for making the time to answer some questions! Zarautz Surf Village offers yoga lessons in all staying packages so if you have ever wanted to wake up to the sunrise and find yourself, book your week now and join Fien's yoga lessons! Namasté

- E

Meet the team: Fien Vervacke

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