Meet the team: Frances Dockx

9 March 2018

Frances, or some of us might know her through all the nicknames we have given her (Pranky Franky, Thanky Franky, Cranky Franky, etc. Just don’t tell her you got them from me), is one of the friendliest people I have the pleasure of knowing and a good friend to everyone. She will always go the extra mile to make everyone feel welcome and appreciated at our camps and you can always be sure to have a smile from her to lighten up your own day. Im happy to present our first ‘meet the team’ interview: Frances Dockx!

So tell us about yourself, who are you?

- So, Im Frankie, I’m 23 years old and I am born and raised in hipster town, Antwerp. Part-time I'm an architecture student in Brussels and the other half I try to be in the water as much as possible.

So you really enjoy being in the water, do you do any other water sports besides surfing?

- Around the age of 6 I started sailing, first just for fun and later on a competitive basis. With the free time I had left, I spent my time at the sail and surf club in Broechem. This is also where I met my best friend, Imke, who is also one of the crew members in Zarautz Surf Village.

And how did you end up in surfing from sailing. Did you just loose a sail one day and decided to surf to the shore?

- Haha, well… I’ve always been interested in surfing, my room was full of posters but I kinda never did something with it. One day I joined a couple of friends to a BoardX trip to Le Pin Sec and it was epic. I kept going for a couple of years, met more surfers, and before you know it you’re in this big happy family which you never want to leave. In the beginning I kept on sailing but with time I just stopped because I preferred surfing. 

What makes surfing so unique to you? Why do you love it more than even sailing which obviously was a big thing for you?

- I have been thinking about this question so much, but I still haven’t found the right answer yet… there’s this thing… Once you have caught one wave, you just want more and more! It gives you this drive to perform which doesn’t stop. And the love for surf and the understanding of the beauty of the sport just grows.

And how did you end up working in Zarautz?

- I have been doing trips with BoardX from an early age and because of this I’ve seen every camp already and Zarautz was just the place which immediately felt like a second home. You have the most beautiful view, an awesome city and world class waves. Spending a summer working here with your best friends by your side doesn’t even feel real.

Why would you recommend Zarautz for someone who is looking in to going on a surf vacation?

- The place is amazing and you will not get enough of it. It’s also close to beautiful big cities. it’s about meeting new people, spending time with friends both in and out of the water. It’s about a village, a community coming together and doing what they love, sharing experiences…

3 Questions:

1. One song to listen to for the rest of your life

- Haha oooh difficult, Dire Straits - Sultans of Swing, very known song but I’ve always loved it!

2. Always perfect waves or always perfect weather?

- Waves, easy. Im always cold anyways haha.

3. Shortboard vs. longboard

- Hard question. I’m a very chilled person myself, however, I do shortboard, but I love how aggressive the moves shortboarders do. it’s next level.

Key to life?

- Do what you love and do it a lot!

Want to meet Campy Franky? Book your week and join us at Zarautz Surf Village this coming summer!

- E

Meet the team: Frances Dockx

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