Meet the team: Imke De Bruyn

7 May 2018

I probably know Imke the longest from all of the crew members from Zarautz Surf Village. Always excited to go for a boarding session no matter in which element, she is one of the kindest people I know and you can be sure to love going surfing with her even if you can't actually surf to keep up with her. (Speaking from personal experience). Without further introduction, here is Imke De Bruyn!

So Imke, introduce yourself

Hey, I’m Imke and I’m 21 years old. I try to combine my study with traveling. I’m raised in a watersportfamily. So, water is my biggest passion, Frozen or liquid!

So what ‘water’ sports do you do then during the year?

I’m a board-loving-person so I try to surf And skate as much as I can. In the winter I practice my snowboard-skills indoor And When I have the opportunity I leave for a chill jib and shred session with friends. Just lap after lap in the park.

And how did you get introduced to the boards ports in general? You seem very passionate about them?

My dad used to sail And windsurf when he was younger, so he taught my brother and me how to sail. I did a few competitions of it, but didn’t like it so much but I always thought the windsurfers looked cool, so my dad taught me how to surf and windsurf When I was 7 years old and I Just fell in love with the sport.

And how did skateboarding and snowboarding get in to the mix?

I dont even remember How I started skating haha. I think I Just learned by playing on the streets. With snowboarding I just tried to teach my self like a total jerry But then I made some friends in the fridge (Indoor piste), and the next month they took me to my first slope-style competition. It all went super fast.

What do you find so satisfying about boardsports?

I cant tell you why i like it so much because I don’t even know, it just feels like my second nature.

So you are the surf teacher of ZSV. What can people expect from your lessons?

My lessons include two things: Happiness and connecting with nature. I always start with a big smile to prepare them for the best decision they ever made, learning how to surf. I try as much as I can to let people feel how connected you can be with nature while surfing. Enjoying the silence, just the waves, the sun on your face, then paddling And taking a wave.

You really love surfing and being in the water, any reason why?

Very cliché. But the moment you get on your board And take the wave. The feeling like you are all alone in the world, Just the wave and you. It is Just magic. I cant describe it perfectly, I can just tell people to try it. Also the paddling back to the line up is so satisfying When you are duck-diving and you feel the wave going through your hair, opening your eyes And you see the wave breaking behind you. Yes that is the best feeling.

Okay! Now it’s time for the bonus questions! Starting with my all time favourite: One song to listen to for the rest of your life?

Oasis - ‘Don’t look back in anger’

Great song indeed, Question numero dos: Beach or mountains?

Choosing is not an option, just try to combine both #bestofbothworlds

And last one: Would you rather only eat your favourite food everyday for the rest of your life or not eat it at all but be able to eat other things?

Not eat it at all definitely

Thank you very much for taking the time! If you are looking to learn to surf or better your existing skills don’t wait anymore and book your stay now at Zarautz Surf Village! 


Meet the team: Imke De Bruyn

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