Meet the team: Jonas Defever

23 April 2018

This week I had the chance to talk with Jonas. I don't know him very well seeing that I only talked with him for 5 minutes last summer as I had to leave back home. I can't wait to enjoy some fun soft-top sessions this summer with him but for now, this interview will have to do!

Hi Jonas! Tell us a bit about yourself.

Soo, I’m Jonas, a 24 year old guy who grew up in a small town called Roeselare. I graduated last summer in marketing and communication. At the moment I’m doing some flexible jobs and combining that with as much travelling as possible.

And do you usually travel to certain places or just exploring around?

Mostly exploring around, because I really want to see as much of the world as I can, but I also have some places I love to go back to because it feels like a second home. Zarautz is definitely one of them. 

What is the most exotic place in your opinion you have ever travelled to?

That would be my trip to Costa Rica/Nicaragua. The beaches there, the waves, the people, the nature, the food… Everything felt exotic.

So you went there for surfing? How were the waves? Were they easy or made for more experienced surfers?

I went there for both, surfing and exploring. I would say the waves are for everyone actually. You just have to know your own level of surfing and then you can decide if you are going in (the water) or not. There are plenty of beaches where the waves are perfect for beginners or where you can be challenged as if you were a ‘pro’ surfer.

So what makes surfing something so unique for you that you are willing to travel for it?

Being out in the ocean is such a great feeling, I’m a very active person who can be a bit chaotic at some times. The peace you have when you’re behind the waves is something that I can really enjoy. And then you see the waves coming at you and you just go for it and take ‘’the perfect wave’’. The feeling is like falling in love. You want more.

Haha yes, I tried to sum it up in an older blogpost (Taking 'the Wave'), for those interested. So how did you end up in Zarautz?

I really like the idea of working under the sun, chill vibes and at the sea. When I heard a friend of mine, Octavia was in the BoardX family and she told me all the great stories and memories of her summer, I couldn’t resist applying for a job at BoardX. That’s how I ended up in Zarautz the following summer and I had the time of my life.

Alright, time for the bonus questions! So first, the one I ask everyone: One song to listen to for the rest of your life?

Hmm… tough one! I’ll go with ‘Old Pine’ by Ben Howard. It’s been my waking up song for as long as I can remember and brings a lot of great memories with it.

Okay! Next one: Board-shorts or full wetsuit when surfing?

Depends on the weather of course, but mostly I would go for full wetsuit. It’s warmer and prevents rash.

And last one: Would you rather always surf barrels or always have fun soft top sessions with friends?

Fun soft top sessions with friends for sure! Of course every surfer dreams of that one perfect wave, that barrel you always wanted, but wouldn’t replace that for all the fun times I can have with my friends in the ocean!

Haha alright! What is your key to life?

I’m not really the guy with the big dreams, I do have them tho. I’m just more someone who can enjoy the little things in life and can find happiness and joy in little things as good company, having good food, a clumsy but fun surf session, my soon to come time in the Zarautz Surf Village!

Big thanks to Jonas for making the time to answer some questions. Want to join Jonas on some fun surf sessions with friends? Don't wait and book your week now at Zarautz Surf Village!

If you are interested, you can follow Jonas' travels on

Meet the team: Jonas Defever

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