Meet the team: Lore Mangelschots

3 June 2018

I know Lore for a year now through working with her for a week in the end of the last summer. Seeing as I am not that good of a surfer either we always had fun when going surfing together. If you are looking for some positive vibes for your day, all you need to do is find Lore and spends some time with her. She will make a bad day flip in to a good one in no time!

So Lore, who are you?

Hi, I’m Lore, I’m 22 years old and I live in a small village in Antwerp. I’m studying to become a physiotherapist and will be finishing my studies this summer. I love to do so many things that I can’t choose what I love the most. Gymnastics (trampoline), playing music, sleeping and partying are my passions. Chocolate and cats are the two things I love the most. In the winter I’m snowboarding and in the summer I’m at the beach trying to get some waves.

So you go to the mountains yearly, do you snowboard or ski?

Yes I do both! One week every year I’m on my snowboard ever since I was 12, and 5 years ago I visited Zarautz for the first time in the summer to learn to surf and fell in love with both Zarautz and surfing! I’m not that good at it though but I enjoy being clumsy at it haha.

Yes, same. Clumsy sessions are the best. So why did you choose Zarautz?

I wanted to go surfing with some friends and looked for a BoardX surf camp. We actually randomly chose Zarautz but I loved it so much that I went back every summer!

And when did you start working at Zarautz?

Three years ago I did a internship for one week and since then I’ve been 2 summers in Zarautz.

And what makes Zarautz so unique to you?

First of all, when you’re from Belgium, the Basque country is always a nice place to be. Good weather, beautiful nature, the sea and the beach. Of course the view from the camping is amazing to wake up to every morning. You never get tired of the sunrises and sunsets in Zarautz. Furthermore, the city of Zarautz is very charming and surrounded by friendly people.

So what makes surfing special to you?

Well, although I find it very exhausting and I’m not very good at surfing, I do love trying to take some waves and even if I took just one epic wave, it can make my whole day much better. Also, being in the water with some friends and watching others take some nice waves makes me happy.

And what is the best memory you have in Zarautz?

Oh wauw, that’s a tough one haha. i have so many. I have 2 main ones. First one is going to the Basque Festival (Euskaljaiak), it was such a cool experience! We should have in Belgium as well! The second one is the day I met my boyfriend in Zarautz and the weeks I got to know him.

3 Bonus questions:

One song to listen to for the rest of your life?

Okay not easy haha, but Society by Eddie Vedder is definitely one of my favourites.

Dinner with anyone dead or alive?

Oh hmm, Ed Sheeran, to thank him for the best concert I’ve ever seen haha!

Sunrise or sunset surf sessions?

Although I’m not much of a morning person, I do prefer sunrise sessions!

And what is your key to life?

Think a little less, do a little more!

Big thank you to Lore for making the time! If you want to join Lore on her sunrise surf sessions, book the best holiday week of your life now at Zarautz Surf Village!

Meet the team: Lore Mangelschots

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