Meet the team: Roselien Wille

29 May 2017

I met Roselien properly last year even though I have a faint memory of having talked to her before, which is very likely since we have both worked in Zarautz for many years now. As someone who was completely new to the new camp system last year, she helped me a lot to get in to the ways of the camp and was very supportive when I was doing something wrong. Now it's my turn to return the favour and it's my pleasure to introduce Roselien to all of you!

So Rosie, Hi!


Introduce yourself a bit to our readers.

So hello everyone, I am Rosie and I come from Belgium. I was spending my last years traveling around the world looking for a job as surf coach. When it was summer In Europe I came back to work as a surf coach/ camp leader in the Zarautz Surf Village. As you can see you will always find me in the sea. I also love to take pictures, explore the world and I adore palm trees. Come hang out with me in Zarautz!

So Rosie, what does it mean to be a camp leader at Zarautz Surf Village?

I Will surf all day and relax in the sun. Haha, not! I will manage the camp and coordinate my team. There’s a lot more happening behind the scenes when you need to organise a camp. You have to make sure everything is settled when the guests arrive and that your team knows what to do. I couldn’t do it without my fantastic crew. They re not only my colleagues but also my best friends.

So speaking of surfing, you have been travelling around the world for the sport. Which are the places that stood out the most for you?

Well, I worked in a hostel in costa rica Where I also taught the surf lessons. However, I didn’t have to do much. Most of the time I surfed the whole day and explored the jungle. That was a magical place because I lived with monkeys in my backyard and sloths in my trees. If you look at my months in Australia, it’s a whole different kind of story. I worked from sunrise till sunset and I was one of the Ozzie’s after a few months , maybe because my hair was so white. Instead of monkeys I had koalas and skippies in my garden.

So really living the dream. And then you came back and work at the offices in Leuven now? How do you like it?

Haha, it’s hard but it’s nice to be close with my family and friends now. Traveling is the best thing ever happened to me, because you meet people from around the world and you get to know yourself. but I always come back because I still love to spend time with the Belgians. 

I love the job. It’s the best job ever because you can travel for work and come home after a week or after a few months... You never know.

And how long have you actually worked for the company?

I started to work for BoardX 6 years ago. I did an internship and stayed for a month. That’s when I fell in love with surfing. After a year I did not only work as a team member, I also did the pictures. And from that moment I could add something new every year to my list: surf coach, camp leader, social media manager and than I joined the office team!

Do you do other sports besides surfing?

When I’m back in Belgium, I love to skate (just cruising) and go to the fitness. Mostly so I can surf better in the summer. Last winter I spent a week in the mountains for the BMW trip with BoardX, where I tried snowboarding for the first time and I can say that it’s not bad at all!

So, what are you expecting from this coming summer?

I would love to give people the best time of their life, a passion for surfing and a heart for adventures. Its always a little bit like coming home when I arrive in Zarautz. The view you have, the people, the food, the waves and of course the good life! Im so excited for this upcoming summer! Let’s go surfing!

So Rosie, are you ready for the 3 bonus questions?


To begin I go with my favourite question of all time: One song to listen to for the rest of your life?

I love the song of the Beach boys - surfing USA. Its my kind of music to survive the winter blues.

Pineapples or avocados


Longboard or shortboard sessions?

I only have shortboards in my quiver but I love the moves and sound you can make if you are cruising on a longboard! I hope this counts as an answer!

Alright, thank you very much Rosie for making the time to answer some questions for us!

Want to come talk about surfing, adventures and pineapples with Rosie? Do not wait and book now! Limited places are left for the best weeks of the summer!

Meet the team: Roselien Wille

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