Meet the team: Ward Pauwels

19 March 2018

Ward was voted as one of the top 3 male monitors from all of our surf camps last year and he really deserves it, we had a task on the beach which normally just involves sitting and watching our surf equipment on the beach. However, with Ward, any task can be a fun one as we started different kinds of games with the guests with the equipment and had a good time messing around. Sun or rain, day or night, you can always count on Ward to figure out something fun to do!

So, hello Ward, can you introduce yourself to us a bit?

Well, my name is Ward, I’m 20 years old and a student of applied informatics in Bruges. I live at the Belgian coast in Knokke-Heist so I’m trying to be as much as possible in the sea.

So do you surf over there as well or do you practice other water sports?

I used to surf and sail over here but unfortunately, with my studies I haven’t got as much time for surfing as I had in the past. I try to do some sports in my free days like wake boarding or going for a bike ride. When I’m on my lazy days I try to do something with my friends like a bit of chilling in the sun or just going for a drink.

So how did you end up in Zarautz?

A friend of mine won a wake boarding contest where the first price was a free wake board trip with BoardX to Moncontour. The following year he went again so I decided, along with some friends to join him for a nice week of wake boarding. I had a good vibe with the people over there so I decided to sign up to become a monitor at BoardX the next year. I got in to the team as an intern and I passed the internship week and was sure I wanted to come back the next year. This is the point where I decided to go to Zarautz. The wake board camp in Moncontour was closed that year so I had to search for an alternative for the following summer so I decided on Zarautz. I enjoyed that summer so much over there that I fell in love with this beautiful surfer town. Since then the only thing I wanted to do when back in Belgium was to return to the summers in Zarautz to surf.

And what makes surfing so special to you?

First of all, the peace in the sea. Whenever I’m in the sea, I find some peace and I get very calm. No one is bothering you or things like that. You just go into the sea and have fun in the waves with friends. Another thing is a satisfied feeling. When you think you did nothing all day, your muscles will tell you a different story and if you combine these two things, you get an amazing experience of just going into the sea to do your own thing without anyone telling you to do something until you get tired and decide to go to the shore from your own initiative.

So what do you prefer to do when on-shore, when you aren’t surfing

If I’m not in the water, it means I’m more in a chill mode. I like to lay in the sun or to do some beach games like football, rugby or volleyball… When I feel like being more active, I’m just discovering new parts of the town. It’s a beautiful place to walk around and do some shopping or just go have some lunch or a drink.

And what do you miss the most when you come back to Belgium?

Definitely the good weather and the beautiful sunsets. It’s sunny almost every day and the temperature is warm 90% of the time. When I come back to Belgium, I sometimes come back to bad weather like rain and I am forced to wear a jacket again. I don’t like it. Another thing that I miss is just the general atmosphere of good vibes from good friends. You can just relax with friends, some good music and have a few drink with everyone while watching the most beautiful sunset I’ve seen.

Couldn’t have said it better myself! Now get ready, here are the 3 bonus questions.

Alright i’m ready, bring it on

One song you have to listen to for the rest of your life?

Seeking Closure - Dvtch Norris, It’s a chill vibe and it’s always nice to support some local talent.

Good choice! Next one: Chill drinks or full-on parties

I would like to say both but if I have to choose, I’m going for full-on parties. I like a good party to just let go of everything and just have a good night with friends.

Okay, Last one: What is the most useless talent you have?

Breaking things. Whenever and wherever I am and I have something in my hands, I will break it and just put it down next to me and pretend it wasn’t me.

Haha, it’s only a talent if you can get away with it. So Ward, what is your key to life?

Don’t look back and go for your goals!

Awesome! Thanks a lot Ward for your time. Looking forward to the summer!

Yes me too!

Want to come party with Ward? Book your week now at Zarautz Surf Village and get ready for the week of your life! Trust me, it's Ward it!

- E

Meet the team: Ward Pauwels

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