• Stunning view on the bay and beautiful sunsets
  • Cozy bar with drinks at keen prices
  • Sleeping area with several accommodation types: Camping Resort, Tipi Resort and Luxe Lodges
  • Excellent sanitary facilities
  • Free use of the very well equipped and spacious kitchen tent
  • Chill-out area with hammocks and yoga space + plenty of family games
  • Mini ramp, table tennis tables, slackline, indoboards, trampoline ...
  • Lockers with integrated power socket
  • Permanent presence of our enthusiastic and caring crew so you can enjoy your stay and forget about the rest
  • Located near to Zarautz, the mecca of surf in the Basque Country and a charming city with a vibrant nightlife.
  • Red carpet city San Sebastian and Bilbao are easily accessible by public transport

Since 2002, Gran Camping Zarautz has become our second home. The camping has excellent facilities and offers a magnificent view on the bay with its breaking waves and breathtaking sunsets. In our Zarautz Surf Village, we bring together people from all over the world, sharing the same passion for surfing and the surfing lifestyle.

The resort includes a super cool chill-out area, a quiet sleeping area, a big tent with fully equipped kitchen, table tennis tables and a spacious bar where quiet evenings sometimes turn to crazy parties!

The chill-out area has a yoga zone and hammocks where you can lie and take a short siesta after a day of intensive surfing. From this fully equipped resort you have a magnificent view on the beach and its breaking waves, and every evening you can enjoy a breathtaking sunset.

The sleeping area includes different accommodation types to meet the wishes of all our guests. You will become one with nature, fall asleep with the sound of the ocean in the background and wake up in the morning with singing birds. It’s up to you to choose the sleeping accommodation that suits you best! Just travelling through with your surf van, in search of new friends who share the same passion for surfing or in the mood for a romantic holiday in a luxury tipi tent with view on the ocean and the sunset ... Camping or glamping: Zarautz Surf Village has it all!

Skaters and surfers belong to the same family. For that reason, Zarautz Surf Village has a mini ramp of 1 meter high and 3,6 meter width, which are the ideal dimensions for both beginning and experienced skaters: the former gain confidence and the latter can go completely loose.

Do you still have questions about our trips? Take a look at our FAQ page or send us an e-mail!


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