• Perfect pre- and post-surf workout
  • two 1-hour sessions included
  • Hatha & Vinyasa yoga upgrade possible!
  • Bring your body and soul in balance

Yoga is the perfect workout to train you breathing, improve your flexibility, strengthen your surfing muscles and increase your core stability! These yoga classes do not focus on chakras and spirituality, but learn you how to gain control over your body and boost your flexibility, strength and balance. All you need to get going during your next surfing session. 

We organize at least two 1-hour sessions every week, providing you with the basic skills you can put into practice before and after each surfing session. Once you have experienced the beneficial effects of yoga and found out how it improves your surfing, the 'upward facing dog' will become part of your life!

Yoga upgrade: 3 extra sessions for only € 30!
If you want to find the perfect balance between surfing and yoga, we advise to attend the full series of classes. These intensive sessions are dedicated to HATHA YOGA, practicing your asanas or postures, and VINYASA YOGA, linking the asanas into one smooth and continuous flow. These sessions are provided by Naiara Urkitzu of the local Onura Zentroa Yogaschool.

Yoga is not only the ideal activity to start the day and prepare your body to a whole day of surfing, but also to stretch your body and completely unwind and relax after a day of intensive surfing.

Do you still have questions about our trips? Take a look at our FAQ page or send us an e-mail!


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