Our summer at ZSV!

04 August 2018

Another week has passed us here in Zarautz Surf Village and what an interesting week it was indeed! We were visited the creator and owner of Zealous clothing, Marie Kristine and her partner in crime Peggy. They both will be co-creating an article for the Meerdavon magazine, to which we are looking very much forward to! Both seemed to be thrilled for their stay at our little village and we are definitely curious to read more in to depth on their experiences with us.

But as we roll forward to week 6, we meet new people, new residents for the week. On the blogger and press side this week we are joined by Mailili Sasabone. She will be spending the week with us so definitely keep an eye out on her Instagram (@maililisasabone) for some daily coverage on her stay with us! Meanwhile we will keep pressing forward and offering news and pictures of our weeks here on our Instagram and Facebook so stay tuned!

Sea you on the next wave!

Our summer at ZSV!

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