What to bring to the beach?

25 april 2017

Ready for a day on the beach? Maybe you want to try out your surfing skills? Maybe you are more in to laying down on the beach and tanning? Whichever your reasons are, we have compiled a small checklist of things to bring with you to the beach to be prepared for anything you might want to do!

A towel:

An absolute essential when going to the beach. Maybe you just want to lay in the sun on a clean surface or you can also use it to dry yourself after getting out of the water, no matter what your motive is, the towel is essential for any trip to the beach.


What kind of surf camp would we be without free-to-use surf boards. These easy to learn, practice to master soft-tops are in free use of all Zarautz Surf Village guests. They are even brought daily to the beach by the team so the guests won’t need to even carry them. So strap your leash to your ankle, check your fins and paddle out in to the waves!


If you are by the sea you obviously will need something to put on that you can go in the water with. How about a nice bikini or a full-body swimsuit for the ladies and a nice board-short for the gentlemen. Enjoy the sun in style and on a really warm day why not go surf in just swimwear? Just don’t forget the next item if you use a soft-top…


Unfortunately, skin contact with the soft-tops can cause an itch, called 'board rash'. No need to worry however, as we have lycras for use to avoid the boards causing skin irritation. A lycra is a thin t-shirt you can use in the water to protect your upper body from contact with the board. It even has a nice Zarautz Surf Village logo to show off your camp!


The staple look of any surfer. The wetsuit is used to avoid board rash and to keep the body warm even when the water is a bit colder. Luckily in Zarautz, the water rarely drops to ‘’cold’’ temperatures but some surfers prefer to wear a wetsuit no matter what. At ZSV, all of our guests have free access to use all of our wetsuits, short- and long sleeved. We got many sizes too so everyone can choose their favourite fit.

A hat or other head cover:

The sun in Zarautz can be scorching, especially around mid-day. This is why it is important to cover your head from the sun to avoid heat strokes, which are definitely something nobody wants to have during their holidays.


Maybe laying down and tanning is not the only thing you want to do. How about a walk on the beach or on the ‘boulevard’, the walkway that goes along the beach from one side all the way to the other. When walking on the beach however, the sand can be burning hot due to the sun and walking bare foot might prove difficult. It is also more comfortable and hygienic to walk with flip-flops on the boulevard so we suggest bringing some type of footwear with you.


Another protective essential. The sun can be very bright and the gleam can definitely be hurtful to the eyes if exposed to it too much. A nice pair of sunglasses will help you against tiring your eyes and can make you look good while at it!


The most important thing to remember when going to any beach is to always bring-and-use suncream! Every year we hear people say the same: ‘’I never burn, I don’t need it’’ and a day later we have a deep-fried tomato walking around the camp. It’s easy to carry with you and very easy to use and it can save your whole holiday to use it. Why not ask that one person you like to help you spread it on your back?

Water bottle:

When enjoying the sun it is always essential to bring a water bottle with water in it. Staying hydrated helps when tanning and surfing can be a very exhausting sport to do and is done in salt water which also dehydrates your body, so it is important to drink after it to recuperate the lost liquids.

A Zarautz Surf Village bag:

No easier way to carry all you beach essentials than in our unique Zarautz Surf Village canvas bag. All our guests receive a Zarautz Surf Village canvas bag so they can carry it around wherever they go with all the things they will need at the beach or on their city trips. The bag fits all of the things you will need and to make sure we even tried it here at the office. The only difficulty was the surfboard as we unfortunately could only get the nose of the board to fit, but that is no problem as all the boards for the guests will be waiting on the beach daily without the need for them to be carried!

So what do you say? Shall we enjoy the sun of Zarautz and head to the beach for some well deserved relaxation and vitamin-D? Book your week now before all the places are gone and lets go to the beach, beach...!

- E

What to bring to the beach?

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